The Soul of an Artist

The artist masters an art, a savoir-faire, a technique, which is distinguished by creativity, poetry and the originality of their production, their gestures. At Yves Delorme, we cultivate our textile savoir-faire in the respect of artisanal traditions because we believe that the textile has a profound place in our collective history and represents the form of human memory as a record of technical gestures.

It is in this spirit that Yves Delorme launches a series of portraits that celebrates and explores the artistic soul of these contemporary women, Yves Delorme women.
We love you for your freedom, for your courage and your sensitivity, for the heart that you put in your creations, for your fragility too, for your humanity, in sum.

Camille Demoustier

Yves Delorme met with Camille Demoustier, a Parisian jeweler, who finds fulfillment in her precious and delicate creations, as much as in the personal relationships she creates with her clients. Her designs resonate with Yves Delorme : not only by the colors and precise gestures, but also with her creations coming from the heart.

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Charlotte Caulliez

Yves Delorme met with Charlotte Caulliez, a ceramic artist and founder of the studio, Charlotte C. Créations, who tells us about her experience as an artist and her experience of working with her hands: the touch of the earth, the gestures of knowledge.

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