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Yves Delorme Couture; an exclusive, artisanal and entirely bespoke collection.;
The quality and rarity of the selected fabrics, combined with the finesse of the tailoring make each creation a truly unique piece

Yves Delorme Couture Classics

Find a range of timeless collections that are simple and versatile, offering cotton sateen and percale collections for those looking for something even more luxurious.


Yves Delorme Couture Embroideries

Hand embroideries, where the imagination is the only limit, are made in our highly specialised partner-studios in Madagascar and Vietnam, where these works of art may require up to 400 hours of hand embroidery per unit.


Yves Delorme Couture Bath Linen

The construction and details are designed for our contemporary tastes, but through the prism of a timeless savoir-faire. Find a range of classic and embroidered bath linen to create elegance in your home.


Yves Delorme Couture Bespoke

Offering a fully bespoke service of bed and bath linens with the finest materials and most exclusive tailor-made designs, where the motifs, colours, fabrics and sizes can be customised. If you’re interested in this bespoke service, please contact customerservice@yvesdelorme.co.uk