Commitments & Certifications

Each season,Mother Nature enchants and inspires us.
In return, we are committed to the preservation of this complex and fragile world that we all share.

In its offices and production studios, The House of Yves Delorme supports the practice of sustainable actions on a daily basis and pays particular attention to the supply of sustainable products in to preserve our collective natural resources.

The House has chosen to merge its dyeing and yarn manufacturing facilities, thus promoting weekly freight transportation and reducing transportation overall. In this integrated weaving facility in Sevelinges, the House also practices the consolidation and reuse or recycling of yarn residues and the adoption of spring water 80% of the time to avoid treatments and its transportation.

In 2023, the Maison Yves Delorme created a 100m2 space dedicated exclusively to a factory outlet store in its Production studio in Nieppe. Open to the general public, the store offers “second-choice” products, with slight flaws and without brand labelling, to protect the integrity of the brand. The facility has an important ecological impact on activities by reducing by 6% the volume of textile waste and reducing the studio’s carbon impact related to transport; all while introducing beautiful products manufactured in France to a local market segment.

Within the framework of its philanthropic support for the protection of the Oceans, the House has been recognized and certified «3-star Blue Standard» by the INGO, Oceanic Global. This certification recognizes the elimination of single-use plastics and the reduction of plastics in general. It also requires the House to go beyond local waste management regulations and implement quantifiable projects that respect the environment.

Organic Cotton & PIMA Cotton

At its origin, the act of weaving is a gesture of negotiating with and connecting to Nature.

True to the values that have always driven the corporation, Yves Delorme sources raw materials of the highest quality. A large majority of its products are made with organic cotton. The House also favours PIMA cotton for certain products, for its exceptional finesse and softness, and for its qualities that meet strictest requirements.

Ecological Certifications

Standard 100


A large majority of Yves Delorme products are labelled STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a certified and controlled manufacturing process and is respectful of your skin. (certificate numbers 885/2 IFTH and CQ1312/1) The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is the premier globally standardized and independent testing system that meets the needs of consumers in terms of human ecology. It guarantees the absence of harmful or potentially health-threatening substances in certified articles.

Blue Standard – Plastic Free Verified


Yves Delorme is part of a global movement to establish a balance between industries and the natural world that sustains them by partnering with Oceanic Global.

The House obtained the 3-star verification with the Blue Standard by Oceanic Global, the highest level awarded, for its efforts to protect our Blue planet.

This certification recognizes the House’s commitment to eliminate harmful single-use plastics from its business, exceed local waste management regulations, and implement actions that further the sustainability of its operations..

Prominent examples include:
• The elimination of single-use plastics in its headquarters and production facilities in France.
• The creation of pouches for product packaging in recyclable fabric that are reusable at home, for travel, or as a pouch for fine lingerie.
• The establishment of systematic recycling in both offices and manufacturing studios, with a dedicated infrastructure and traceability.
• The utilization of energy certified appliances.
• The management, re-use or recycling of excess threads and fabrics in its workshops.