Winter romance 2016

Winter 2016 with Yves Delorme evokes the story of a meeting between two characters, Louise and Gabriel.

A meeting of the masculine and feminine genders, a meeting of characters and of atmospheres.

It is a conversation or a dialogue between two realms.

The identity of our two characters is translated through drawings, materials and coloured ambiance that expresses all the creativity of this collection.

Attention to quality and to details: finishing, bed accessories the bath and kitchen collection also play into our story with references to textiles and with the poetry of this imaginary meeting.

Gabriel is an elegant and sophisticated man.

He loves fashion and design. He is a combination of sobriety and informality.

His character is inspired by the modern style of the 30s: somber in his lines and geometric structure, decorative in his ornamentation.

The designs « Gabriel » and « Opal » reflect his character.

Louise is a feminine and elegant woman, mild yet strong. She is a romantic/bohemian who loves literature and nature.

Her character, inspired by the free and creative spirit of « Bloomsbury », the quarter in Great Britain, where artists and intellectuals gathered in the early XXth century, is best represented by the iconic figure Virginia Woolf.

The Yves Delorme Autumn Winter collection 2016 is now available in the uk.

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