Summer feeling 2016

Spring-Summer 2016 at Yves Delorme heralds the open air and the pleasure of summertime

Representing a promenade, the collection is an invitation to feel the atmosphere associated to a given moment of the day.

Instants that are exalting with the approach of sunny days

For some, it would be the desire for blue skies, to walk with one’s hair in the wind.

For others, a siesta in the grass, a rest under an arbor or simply to experience the inside from open doors.

The thread of these themes expresses movement, a play of light and shadow and a particular view of nature.

The techniques of printing, weaving, embroidering and fabrication reveal an excellence in savoir-faire.

Coordinating with white, a palette of nature-inspired colours, punctuated by fruit-coloured hues, set the tones of the season.

The Yves Delorme Paris Spring Summer 2016 collection is now available in the uk.

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