Following the thread of Yves Delorme Collection Autumn Winter 2015 …

Following the thread of Collections

It all begins with a thread of silk or cotton, stitched or embroidered, the essential structure of textiles and the result of the transformation of plant fibers into wovens.

Then, the thread, as a dynamic and graphic wave, animating a surface.

Next, the thread of a story as in Toile de Jouy paying tribute to a historical textile tradition.

Or, the thread following the curves of the Tokaïdo Road in Japan, at the origin of the woodblock prints by Hiroshige during the era of Edo. Or yet still, the red thread reminiscent of the Opera to celebrate the holidays…

Calicot Peacock : In the 17th century, the name Calicot was given to the group of cotton fabrics manufactured in India, the origin of the name comes from the city of Calicut. Bed linen in printed percale 200threads/inch2, bias finishing.

Fibre Fusain : Fiber is a botanic rope transformed into a textile yam for the weaving industry or the sewing. Bed linen in printed percale 200threads/inch2, bias finishing.

Tokaido Caramel : Tokaïdo “the road side of East sea” is the link road between Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan, constructed during Edo era, the source of Hiroshige painting. Bed linen in printed sateen 300threads/inch2, bias finishing.

Galant Cuivre : The word “cravate” in French is a derivative of Croate, the Croatian cavaliers under King Louis XIV and recognized by their knotted neck scarves. This new accessory was named with the word “cravate.” With further development of menswear, the cravate became the essential element of urban elegance. Bed linen in printed sateen 300threads/inch2, bias finishing.

Swan milk : The absolute milky-white and luxurious plumage, full of grace as are the curved lines of the iconic Yves Delorme logo. As essential and elegant as the thread of our story. Bed linen in damask sateen 500 threads/inch², flounce finishing, reversing to plain colour.

Pénélope Opéra : Bed linen in damask sateen 300 threads/inch2, piping finishing, reversing to Triomphe.

Prisme : It is the graphic representation of the multiplication of a geometric faceted form, and translated by a weaving technique. Bed linen in damask sateen 300 threads/inch², flounce finishing, reversing to Triomphe.




Discover our Factories

Yves Delorme presents the Haubourdin and Belmont factories in France.
 [youtube id=”6aPnV9E7dGo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Haubourdin factory, in the North of France, near Lille, is specialised in the making-up and the finishing of the bed linen. A hundred people prepare, cut, sew, embroider and fold pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, bed covers, etc. and control the quality that is demanded by our customers.


SetSize800600-Usine-Haubourdin9SetSize800600-Usine-Haubourdin11The Belmont Factories, which specialise in wearing towelling are situated in the centre of the France, near Roanne.

Wearing is carried out in a modern factory with 20 machines which ensure the production of our jacquard towelling.

Packaging and quality control are carried out at Roanne. About 40 specialists are involved in the manufacture, from mastering the weave to making the final product according to its particular design.







Yves Delorme welcomes you in Marylebone !

There is a new Yves Delorme boutique in London.

Marylebone has been an incredibly fashionable area with many famous residents. It is also a world-famous shopping destination with Oxford Street as its southern border and there are a lot of amazing small shops in the streets on the sides.

You can also find great food and cafes in this area. Pay a visit to the Chiltern Fire House, one of our favorite restaurant in town.

Then, we recommend to stop at the Wallace Collection, a little gem where you can discover Rembrandt, Boucher, Canaletto, Rubens and some fine and decorative arts. It is not very far from Hinde Street where many other luxury brands are showed.

Immerse yourself in this vibrant part of London and visit us now at 13 Hinde Street, London W1U !

Yves Delorme’s floral displays during the Chelsea Flower Show

Flower Power!

Did you know that at Yves Delorme we like to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show ?

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a garden show held in May by the Royal Horticultural Society in Chelsea, London. It is one of our favourite flower show in the world. The highlights usually include the avant-garde show gardens designed by leading names but also smaller gardens.

This Spring, as big fan of the event we presented our floral collection Ailleurs in the windows in Harrods. Our guests could also enjoy a masterclass on “How to make perfumed paper flowers”.

At the Yves Delorme Ellis street flagship store, we told the story of Princess and the Pea. We used many mattresses for this floral display.

It was so poetic and romantic…

You can now check out for more Yves Delorme’s inspirations during the London event!


The Linen Road – Spring Summer collection 2015


The “Courant d’Air” collection is an invitation to travel.

A breath of wind crumples the surface of the water, conjuring up sinusoidal waves. Water becomes an optical instrument that refracts, reflects and disperses light. Short, coloured threads echo this phenomenon in the undulating effect of “Eau Douce Glace” Jacquard.

Softly swaying trees in a tropical forest become the foam on a sea of plants. Every fragile leaf and flower tissue captures humidity from the air and light from the sun. In the “Ailleurs” print, air waves captured in picture form are in perfect harmony with movement in the plant world.


There is a fine line between what we see and what we imagine. The multiplication of a faceted geometric shape is captured in graphic form in “Prisme”. Captured in a play of weaves, with a satin warp and a satin weft.

A delicate pink hue, Nude, adds warmth to its luminous whiteness. “Miroir” propels the graphic shape on a horizontal trajectory. The parallel lines of each side of the prism are sketched out in bourdon stitch, in the colour Nude, on dazzling white cotton satin.

Using a play of watermark-effect weaves, “Visible” renders some areas of the shape visible and others invisible. The plant shape is merely suggested by the two tones of yarn, natural and white. Looking into a mirror can make certain items appear more clearly or multiply their number, erasing those that seem less important with the intention of making things look different.


The verb To Be is synonymous with existing.

Existing in tea green for the Guelder Rose on a snowball tree.

Existing in powder pink for the Ranunculus bloom.

Existing in bluish white for the Lilac flower.

Being is the fact of really existing in substance, in essence.

Being a Guelder Rose, a snowball of small corollas. Being a Cumulus, a cotton-wool cloud made up of tiny droplets of water.  Being a Ranunculus flower, a compact ball of dozens of serried petals. Being an Opacus, the type of cloud that blocks out the light. Being a Lilac flower, corollas of 4 single petals in superposed layers of white and lilac ripples.  Being a Stratocumulus, a low-altitude cloud that develops vertically and becomes fog when it encounters the earth. Using comparisons to better define the nature of things. Creating a dialogue between images to foster poetry.



Yves Delorme welcomed a delegation of Russian journalists specialized in decoration

In June, Yves Delorme welcomed a delegation of Russian journalists specialized in decoration. They responded to the invitation of Monsieur Dominique Fremaux, CEO of Fremaux-Delorme group.

This visit was an opportunity for the Russian press to discover one of the Fremaux-Delorme show rooms, the adjoining workshops and the designs produced there. The small group also visited some monuments and discovered specialties from the Nord Pas de Calais and Flandres.

We share with you pictures of this 2 days road trip : the streets of the old Lille and the Yves Delorme flagship store, la table de Meert, the Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille and finally the bridges and canals in Brugges.


A new Yves Delorme boutique in Paris, Place des Victoires

Yves Delorme inaugurated on Tuesday 9th December 2014 a new Parisian boutique located at Place des Victoires.

In connexion with the fashion aspect of the location, the bed linen brand has chosen to display ready-to-wear on the main floor with its collections of underwear, nightwear, homewear, bathrobes for man and woman.

On the ground floor, Yves Delorme displays its new Spring Summer 2015 collection for bed and bath and its timeless range.

Yves Delorme, 1 bis Place des Victoires, Paris 1. Tel 00 33 (0)1 42 96 10 44

New boutique Yves Delorme in Tokyo, located in the Isetan Shinjuku

Founded in 1886, the small shop selling kimonos created by Tanji Kosuge has since become a 13 storeys store promoting avant-garde trends.  Flagship store amongst the yakkaten, name given to Japanese department stores “with a hundred counters”, Isetan celebrates the cult of novelty.  The brand also has its own research office, a proper institute dedicated to research and analysis of fashion trends and consumption.

The influence and popularity of the concept is such that the store is a must see destination for tourists throughout Asia.

It is in this temple dedicated to fashion and new trends that Yves Delorme presents its latest innovations and creations in an exceptional space.  The display sets showcase all latest collections with sophistication and elegance.